Sylvan Source (SSI) has developed breakthrough technologies in water and energy management.  SSI is  working to apply these technologies to industrial-municipal applications in collaboration with customers and partners.  

Developed by a team of experts using patented, patent-pending and proprietary technologies in both thermal energy management and water treatment, SSI's systems have been independently benchmarked with significant cost structure (CapEx and OpEx) and energy footprint reductions for industrial-municipal systems.  

SSI has a small pilot plant operating which has successfully treated a range of contaminated waters including:

  • Brackish waters,

  • Seawater and concentrated seawater,

  • Produced water from heavy and light oil fields,

  • Hydraulic fracturing flowback water,

  • Flue gas desulfurization (FGD) waste streams from a coal-fired power plant,

  • Cooling tower blowdown wastewater,

  • Boiler clean-up waste streams from a power plant, and

  • Agricultural waste/environmental remediation.


To view test results for some of these applications, go to Test Results.


SSI's systems can handle up to 200,000 ppm TDS with saturated volatile and non-volatile compounds such as hydrocarbons.  In all benchmarks, SSI provided cleaner product water at a lower cost than any other technology.  In one application, SSI's pilot plant reduced 147,000 ppm TDS to less than 14 ppm TDS in a single pass.


Over a dozen US and international patents have already been granted with multiple patents pending and ongoing intellectual property development.

SSI is redefining clean water.