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Sylvan Source (SSI) announces a successful pilot test with California utility employing Clean-In-Place (CIP) 


2018:  SSI completed a field pilot test hosted by Southern California Edison (SCE).

2016:  SSI completed a field pilot test hosted by Southern California Edison (SCE) in collaboration with the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI).

2015:  SSI completed an updated, detailed analysis of CapEx and OpEx compared to RO, MSF/MED and Evaporator systems for oilfield applications and industrial waste stream applications with very good results.  A non-confidential summary of the results is available in the reports section above.

2014: SSI signed with a large oil and gas company to start work for a 10,000 gpd pilot plant.

2012:  SSI won the Technology Idol Award at the Global Water Summit in Rome, Italy.

2012:  M-600 re-certified to the NSF International 62 Standard.

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