Technologies and Systems

From the beginning, SSI has focused on technologies that will drive meaningful breakthroughs in efficacy, energy utilization and cost structure for water treatment.  To achieve these breakthroughs, and given the very close relationship between energy and water, SSI realized it needed to develop both water treatment technologies and energy technologies to make a difference.  


SSI has had an industrial-municipal pilot plant up and running since late 2010, demonstrating the breakthrough capabilities of SSI's technology platform, and enabling SSI to demonstrate successful treatment of an extremely wide range of contaminated waters.  It has also enabled SSI to confirm standard, cost-effective pre-treatment protocols.


SSI has conducted extensive independent benchmarks on its systems for a range of applications.  A Basic Engineering Package (BEP) developed by Aker Solutions Power and Gas combined with numerous in-depth design and mass-balance reviews by consultants and engineering firms associated with the benchmark processes have provided SSI with critical, independent analysis and results on our cost structure and energy footprint.  The results from this kind of independent, whole plant benchmarking led by customers and industry experts is the only form of competitive analysis that SSI finds useful for the purposes of marketing or other external communications.  (Go to Industrial-Municipal Systems tab)


The Intellectual Property (IP) associated with SSI's systems is substantial.  SSI has 16 US and international patents granted with multiple patents pending worldwide for water treatment and for the thermal energy recovery and re-use systems.  In addition, SSI has developed significant trade secrets and know-how that will continue to be protected moving forward, and is continuing to work on new, breakthrough technologies.